Friday 27th July – Lunar Eclipse

Just as a heads up, on Friday 27th of July there will be the longest ever total Lunar Eclipse of the Century!!! This Eclipse will be easy to spot in the UK so no need to start packing your bags for America but it will only be a partial eclipse in the UK!

There has already been a partial Lunar Eclipse this month (Friday the 13th) and this will be the second lunar eclipse out of three (according to scientists predictions). The third partial eclipse can be sighted on the 11th of August. You can expect to see the eclipse at 8:50pm.

You should also be able to see Mars directly beneath the Moon, Jupiter in the south-east and if you stay up until 11:00pm you could see the ISS (International Space Station) sailing past. Make sure you don’t miss this spectacular sight!! You can find out more at:

PS: Don’t forget to look at the moon!!! (you don’t need any eye protection)



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