It’s Official – Science Ambassador!

I am now a Science Ambassador!!!

Exciting news and I am sooo pleased!!  On Tuesday I was told in Tutorial that I am now a Science Ambassador for the school! This job includes: science experiments at open evenings, visiting primary schools to show science demonstrations, joining regular meetings and representing the school in quizzes against other high schools.

I am extremely proud that I am a Science Ambassador as I really wanted to represent the school in something I am passionate about. To become a Science Ambassador you had to submit a letter explaining why you want to be a Science Ambassador, why you would make a good one and what you could add to the group.

On Friday we (all new science ambassadors) were asked to join a quick meeting in which we got our shiny, new science ambassador badges and confirmation that we could attend the next open evening.

I am most proud about the fact that there were only 10 places on the team and Mrs Ashurst (organiser of the Science Ambassadors) received over 40 letters.

Thank you to Mrs Ashurst for letting me have this opportunity – I won’t let you down!!




PS Here is my letter I wrote to Mrs Ashurst on why I should be a Science Ambassador:

I would like to be a Science Ambassador as I wish to represent my school in something I am passionate about.  I love Science and I want other people to love Science too.

I have already done some work with the Vivarium at Manchester Museum, making a film about climate change and animal conservation, called Learning with Lucy. This shows that I am a good communicator, committed, reliable and very enthusiastic.  I frequently blog about my science activities because I believe in how Science helps us to understand the world we live in. I hope that by becoming a Science Ambassador, I will gain confidence, become a better communicator, and push myself with new challenges.

I believe I would make a good Science Ambassador because I am passionate and want to change the way we think about the world through Science. This is a great way for me to start.


One thought on “It’s Official – Science Ambassador!

  1. Congratulations on being selected. Does this mean extra homework and study to keep updated especially if now representing the school ?


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