Launch of “Learning with Lucy” at Manchester University Museum

The Big Launch!!!!!!!!

On Wednesday we (my family and I) went to the Manchester University Museum for the big launch! And GUESS WHAT? The Costa Rican ambassador, His Excellency J. Enrique Castillo, and his wife were there!!!

Unfortunately David Attenborough couldn’t make it!  However I was presented with a specially framed photo of him with my frog which was inscribed: “I wholeheartedly support Manchester museum’s campaign headed by Lucy Marland”!!! And then he had signed it!!

It was really exciting, the ambassador was really nice too. There were lots of people who wanted to make another film – I was saying yes . . . obviously. Especially if it is in Costa Rica! Everyone was really nice to me and I was dragged away here and then dragged away there, so I ended up talking a lot. I also got to hold a frog again – I haven’t held one for aaagggeeesss! It was the Splendid Leaf Frog which is rare (not as critically endangered as the Lemur Frog) and lives in the same place as the Lemur Frog. So when we help the Lemur Frog, we are also helping these little guys too!

I had a brilliant night and I am really glad that now more children will get to know all about the Lemur Leaf Frog and can think about what they can do to help!

After all, it all starts with you!!


P.S. It was my Birthday last week. Happy Birthday to me!!! Mum and Dad got me a frog sponsorship as a present so I now have my very own frog at the Vivarium!

Read more about the event and see more pictures at



One thought on “Launch of “Learning with Lucy” at Manchester University Museum

  1. Hi Lucy Thank you for Wednesday it was a good night I really enjoyed it as I’m sure every one else did, you starred again, you can be proud of the part you play and also lucky to be in at the beginning of what could prove to be such an important project in saving the Frogs. Good luck and success to you and all involved
    Love Grandad xx


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