We’ve gone live!

This morning we went live with our films looking at the Lemur Frog and why it is endangered! The films are really fantastic and it is so amazing to see how all our work earlier in the year has now come together! David and Andrew have done a brilliant job! I am so excited!

There is also a pack for schools which Andrew has decided to call with Learning with Lucy. It is a bit embarrassing, but secretly I am really pleased.

You can watch the films through this link to Andrew’s Frog Blog and there is also more information on the Lemur Frog Project website and the University of Manchester website too. They have got to let me study Zoology at the university now – my place is booked (for about 8 years time!).




Loads more exciting things will be happening after today’s press launch so stay tuned!!


2 thoughts on “We’ve gone live!

  1. Hi Lucy what a brilliant film I’m sure it will inspire many people to become more interested In saving all the wonderful creatures that are in danger and our planet
    you have done an excellent job a very professional performance well done
    I’m looking forward to you showing me around the Vivarium in January
    Grandad xxx


  2. Wow Lucy. I am very impressed with your blog and it looks like you are going to be future star of the Zoology world! I think you will be an inspiration to lots of other boys and girls. Lots of Love Annette, Stuart, Dominic and Abigail xxxx


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